A Look At WWF Coliseum Home Videos

Back in the mid-1980’s, the WWF (World Wrestling Federation) began distributing home videos through Coliseum Home Video. While they were not the first wrestling releases in the burgeoning home video market of the 80’s, they were by far the most popular and most visible. In this video, I give an introduction to the series of […]

WWE Classics Video On Demand

It’s not often that I gush over a WWE product. Not because I hate WWE, but because the product is so accessible that I just don’t think people would be interesting in reading my views on it. I have given high praise to several of the WWE Home Video DVD releases in the past, but […]

WrestleMania Thoughts

Well, yesterday was the big one, WrestleMania 25, so I thought I’d check in to offer my two cents. Now, I think I made it clear that I felt the buildup to the majority of the matches was totally lacklustre. It seemed like things were being changed right up to the last minute (which apparently was […]

REVIEW: Austin 3:16 Uncensored

AUSTIN 3:16 UNCENSORED WWF Home Video 1998   With the recent news that “Stone Cold” Steve Austin will be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame this year, I thought it would be fun to go back and take a look at Austin in his heyday. Now, part of my reasoning was also because something […]

End of the Week

It been quite an interesting week. I’ve gotten a fair bit of work done, plus the weather here has been hot and scorching, which has left me toasty, yet usually covered in a layer of sweat. I’ve gotten into the terrible (but fun) habit of staying up late watching old wrestling clips and videos until […]

REVIEW: WWE Vintage Collection

Trying something a little new this time around… The last few days here have been real scorchers. I’ve been staying up a couple hours later than normal waiting for things to cool off a bit to make going to bed easier. As a result of been checking out some stuff to watch while I wait. […]