What a Week!

Wow, I leave things alone for a couple days and everything goes crazy! Swine Flu! [See what the Firestorm Family is doing about it] 13 Year Old Honor Student Strip Searched For Having Ibuprofen at School! [Video] WWE Wants To Add MORE Programming? Adam is Dumb and Accidentally Deletes the Wrong File and the Whole […]

Inside the Office With Rene Goulet…For Free!

Hooray for free stuff! The fine people at Kayfabe Commentaries have released a free webcast of “Inside the Office With Rene Goulet.” [Click here to view] Now, longtime fans may already know that Mr. Goulet had a lengthy stint with the World Wrestling Federation (now WWE) as a road agent. Even older fans may remember […]

Just Chillin’ On a Saturday Night…Plus ROH DVD Thoughts

Well, I find myself in a rare state. Hanging out at home on a Saturday night, just me and THE DUDE~! This isn’t a rare occurrence during the daytime on weekdays, but not so common on the weekends. He’s too cool to actually hang out with me, however, he’s in the next room watching his […]

Best in the World

I haven’t had a chance to watch it yet, but I picked up the Ring of Honor DVD “Best in the World” today. I feel ROH have really scored a coup in mainstream distrbution for their series of “Best Of” style DVDs, this being one in the series. About a month ago, I tried out “Blood Stained Honor” […]

End of Week Ramblings…

Don’t worry, everyone, I haven’t forgotten you, and I still love you all. The weather out here has been fantastic. Even though I don’t have much to show for this season besides moving into a brand new Firestorm Family Compound, this has been one of my more enjoyable Summer’s in recent memory. Been busy lately, […]

A Random Post About Wrestling

I’m sitting here with my computer now set up in the new place catching up on a few things from the past week. Somewhere during the move, I lost a filling that I had put in in April. The nerve is exposed and the tooth is hypersentive to everything from temperature to when the wind […]