End of the Week

It been quite an interesting week. I’ve gotten a fair bit of work done, plus the weather here has been hot and scorching, which has left me toasty, yet usually covered in a layer of sweat. I’ve gotten into the terrible (but fun) habit of staying up late watching old wrestling clips and videos until […]

REVIEW: WWE Vintage Collection

Trying something a little new this time around… The last few days here have been real scorchers. I’ve been staying up a couple hours later than normal waiting for things to cool off a bit to make going to bed easier. As a result of been checking out some stuff to watch while I wait. […]

WWE RAW / Draft Stuff

I don’t often write on here about current wrestling stuff, as it seems to have become so formulaic and generally uninspired of late. A lot of the mainstream wrestling product just looks so generic, that I get a big kick out of watching older stuff, just for a taste of something different. Regardless, perhaps due […]

TV Commercial

The television commercial (or “spot” as we nerds call them) that I produced for the Wrestling Supershow events this coming weekend in Ontario began airing this past Monday. If you live in the Ottawa area, you can see them on A-Channel Ottawa. Oh…you don’t live in the Ottawa area? Well, that’s okay, due to this […]

Doing Stuff

Had a pretty motivated last couple of days. I’ve gotten a fair bit done, even though I’m working on a few projects concurrently. Perhaps not the best time-management technique, but it’s allowed me to switch gears several times during the day to keep things fresh. This has all had me in pretty good spirits, which […]