Stevie The Regurgitator

I am somewhat fascinated – perhaps to unhealthy degrees – with 1990’s pop culture. There was this little bubble there at the beginning  which was really unique as the eighties made their last stand and slowly morphed into something completely different, yet just as brightly coloured. Check out this clip from an early incarnation of […]


Hello, kidderoos! Today is halloween, when the freaks come out. When I was younger and single, Halloween was a good night to go out because for some reason, girls made extremely questionable wardrobe decisions that they otherwise wouldn’t make (read: dress provocatively) and get away with it. This evening, I shall be taking THE DUDE~! […]

This Is Awesome (Clap, Clap, Clap-Clap-Clap)

Check this out… There’s these things called “music videos,” and they come on giant shiny discs. They are going to save and revolutionize the recording industry. But will people even want to watch something more than once? I love watching this sort of stuff. PART ONE… PART TWO…    

R.I.P. Joe Krantz

There are actually a few things that I have been meaning to write a blog about over the past few days. Rather than dilute this post with multiple topics, I’ll keep it to one for the moment. Yesterday morning (Tuesday), I read that Joe Krantz was shot and killed while leaving his MMA gym in […]


As some of you may be aware, it’s Thanksgiving long weekend here in Canada. That said, I just wanted to take a quick minute to wish all my Canadian friends and fans out there a happy and safe Thanksgiving. And with that, I’m off to eat copious amounts of food. COPIOUS, I tell ya! Adam […]

Tag Teams

I often get asked a lot of questions about tag team wrestling, and if it is really much different for other type of wrestling matches. In my opinion, tag team wrestling requires a completely different dynamic and approach. That would be why you can take a great tag team wrestler (for example, let’s say Ricky […]