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Back! And DVD Stuff, Too

Hi everyone! I’ve been taking it easy for the last little while. Sorry things have been so quiet around here. A few people have asked if I have any copies left of the Adam Firestorm: Retrospective DVD I put out a few years ago. Unfortunately, I don’t have any left except my own personal copy. […]


Hey, is anyone out there old enough to remember the old show Unsolved Mysteries? I think there’s a new version of it airing on cable now, but I’m talking to old school early 1990’s version hosted by Robert Stack (extra geek points: he was the voice of Ultra Magnus in Transformers The Movie). Anyhow, sometimes […]

End of the Week

It been quite an interesting week. I’ve gotten a fair bit of work done, plus the weather here has been hot and scorching, which has left me toasty, yet usually covered in a layer of sweat. I’ve gotten into the terrible (but fun) habit of staying up late watching old wrestling clips and videos until […]