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Video, NASA, and Wrestling

When DVDs were released to the consumer market, we watched VHS die a slow, painful death.  I mean, you could walk into the electronics department of Wal-Mart and see one of the Lord of the Rings super-duper 8 million disc sets selling for $20, or find a tiny clearance section with the same movie on […]

A Look At WWF Coliseum Home Videos

Back in the mid-1980’s, the WWF (World Wrestling Federation) began distributing home videos through Coliseum Home Video. While they were not the first wrestling releases in the burgeoning home video market of the 80’s, they were by far the most popular and most visible. In this video, I give an introduction to the series of […]

The “Drug of the 80’s”

And nope, it’s not cocaine! It’s video. VIDEO MADNESS to be very specific. Part One: 20/20 on Video Madness – 1984 – part 1 of 2!!Uploaded by videohollic Part Two: 20/20 on Video Madness – 1984 – part 2 of 2!!Uploaded by videohollic