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Nicknames We Need Used More

Nicknames have likely been around since the dawn of time.  Probably since a mumbling caveman was referred to as “Hoonga Boonga” by his friends. I’ve had nicknames, you might have had a nickname. It’s safe to say we all know at least one person with a nickname. One of the places where you will find the […]

Yeah, Man!

That’s what I’m talkin’ ’bout!

Some More Videos From My Archives

I posted a few more matches from my old camcorder tapes in the last few days. Actually, I’ve only gone through one tape so far, and I have many of them. Most of the footage is of my own matches (I sometimes tried to bring my camera and get someone to record my stuff), but […]

R.I.P. Joe Krantz

There are actually a few things that I have been meaning to write a blog about over the past few days. Rather than dilute this post with multiple topics, I’ll keep it to one for the moment. Yesterday morning (Tuesday), I read that Joe Krantz was shot and killed while leaving his MMA gym in […]