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R.I.P.: John Hughes

It has been written repeatedly over the last 24 hours that the films that John Hughes was involved in affected a generation. I believe it. Hughes, who died of a heart attack on the morning of August 6th, made a series of movies that truly spoke to a generation. At the time that his films […]

Additional to Yesterday…

Here’s a little something extra that crossed my mind after yesterday’s post re: Columbine and the changes in the world since. When I was a teenager, I would get together with my cousins who were close to me in age and location. We would often make movies, letting our imaginations run wild.  Then we let […]

Christmas Viewing

Well, kidderoos, we’re getting awfully close to Christmas (Christmas Eve as I write this!). I must admit, that this year, Christmas has snuck up on me a little bit. I generally don’t like to get into Christmas mode until after I’m done celebrating my birthday (November 25th), but it seems like the month since then […]

A Slacker Uprising? I’m In!

As a creative person and one who takes pride in producing a tangible product, I have always been looking for ways to “fake it til ya make it,” as they say. Sometimes that means using samples of a real drum kit instead of a live drummer for a song. Sometimes it means you just break […]