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Broadcasting Live Right Now

Watch me be one of those webcam geeks right now using the player below. I’m mostly just hanging out, watchng some wrestling, music videos, and whatever else. I’ll be broadcasting whatever I’m watching, so you’ll be able to watch along with me and chat. Watch live video from theaf2008’s channel on

“King of Pop” Dead?

It’s all over the news right now. CNN and Headline News are reporting Michael Jackson has simply been hospitalized, while TMZ and other entertainment sites are reporting he died of a cardiac arrest in California. While there will be plenty of people happy about this, you can’t deny the huge impact Jackson has had over […]

Music Videos: Christmas Edition

Merry Christmas, everyone! The big day is finally here! Anyone that reads this blog knows I pine for the days when music video channels still aired music videos. Therefore, here’s a special Christmas edition of music videos chosen by Adam. I’m not saying any of these are even remotely good, but they are some of […]

Friday Night Videos

You know the drill by now. I reminisce way too much, and as a result, mourn the death of the music video daily. Okay, they’re not really dead, but you’d never know they still exist. All these “music channels” are too busy showing D-rate celebrities on B-rate reality shows. I actually really, really like music […]

This Is Awesome (Clap, Clap, Clap-Clap-Clap)

Check this out… There’s these things called “music videos,” and they come on giant shiny discs. They are going to save and revolutionize the recording industry. But will people even want to watch something more than once? I love watching this sort of stuff. PART ONE… PART TWO…