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Nicknames We Need Used More

Nicknames have likely been around since the dawn of time.  Probably since a mumbling caveman was referred to as “Hoonga Boonga” by his friends. I’ve had nicknames, you might have had a nickname. It’s safe to say we all know at least one person with a nickname. One of the places where you will find the […]

Yeah, Man!

That’s what I’m talkin’ ’bout!

Video, NASA, and Wrestling

When DVDs were released to the consumer market, we watched VHS die a slow, painful death.  I mean, you could walk into the electronics department of Wal-Mart and see one of the Lord of the Rings super-duper 8 million disc sets selling for $20, or find a tiny clearance section with the same movie on […]

Quick Podcast on Wrestling Magazines

Hi, kids, just for the fun of it, I just recorded a quick podcast about the interesting world of wrestling magazines (which is hardly a “world” these days, more like a third-world country). Wrestling magazines used to be hugely influential in the professional wrestling industry and fandom. I was a huge fan of pretty much […]

Here’s a video I recently produced for an upcoming event in Thunder Bay, Ontario promoted by Wrestling Supershow. Take a look, then keep reading… For the benefit of those who want a little more info, the date of the show is Thursday, June 18th at the Fort William Gardens in Thunder Bay, Ontario. More info […]

Setting Things Straight

It has been brought to my attention recently that people have made claim to being my trainer for professional wrestling. They have done so in order to perhaps lend themselves credibility in the field of professional wrestling training (ie: spinning a yarn to make some fast bucks). For the record, I never attended a formal […]