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Captain Lou Albano R.I.P.

Well, I’ve been taking it easy of late. You know, recovering from the elk accident and whatnot, and generally being rather thankful for what I have. In fact, we celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving last week, so it was a good time to reflect. I was very sad to hear about the passing of one of the […]

Patrick Swayze

Well, the world is mourning the unfortunate passing of Patrick Swayze, who succumbed to cancer. I can’t say I was a big Patrick Swayze fan (although The Outsiders rules), but it would take a fool to deny him of his accomplishments and impact on pop culture, especially in the 1980’s and 1990’s. Any man that […]

“King of Pop” Dead?

It’s all over the news right now. CNN and Headline News are reporting Michael Jackson has simply been hospitalized, while TMZ and other entertainment sites are reporting he died of a cardiac arrest in California. While there will be plenty of people happy about this, you can’t deny the huge impact Jackson has had over […]