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WrestleMania Thoughts

Well, yesterday was the big one, WrestleMania 25, so I thought I’d check in to offer my two cents. Now, I think I made it clear that I felt the buildup to the majority of the matches was totally lacklustre. It seemed like things were being changed right up to the last minute (which apparently was […]

WrestleMania Thoughts and Memories

So for a good portion of the day today, I threw on the second disc of WrestleMania 2000. For those of you not familiar with the WrestleMania 2000 DVD,  it’s a fairly rare gem these days due to it being one of the rare “pre-WWE” name changeover titles. The first disc is the event istself and […]

WrestleMania or WrestlingMundanea?

Okay, every year at this time I start getting really excited. I get geared up. I get psyched. I get ready to go. I get ready for…WrestleMania! The first WrestleMania I saw was WrestleMania 2, although the gaps were quickly closed (I like being thorough). The first WrestleMania I was absolutely suckered into hook, line and […]